Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best Movies For Your Home Theater

Ghost Busters You’re not afraid of no ghosts? Well that’s good because Bill Murray and his crew need your help to catch them in New York city. Apollo 13 A great space movie that will make you feel like you’re in the spaceship looking out into the vast ocean of outer space. Armageddon Land on an asteroid with Bruce Willis and Ben Afleck to help save the Earth from certain destruction. Cliffhanger This one might not be as good for surround sound but the picture is amazing. You will feel as though you are in the Rocky Mountains right along side of Sylvester Stallone and the rescue team. The Fast and the Furious With The Fast and the Furious movies not only will you get a great picture but an awesome sound as well. While watching these movies you will feel like you’re the one in the driver’s seat of the racecars. Top Gun This movie will make you feel like you’re Tom Cruise’s co-pilot in the cockpit of an F-15 fighter jet and in full control. Watch out for those bogies sneaking up behind you! Aliens Great sound and picture as you battle Aliens, with Sigourney Weaver, for the sake of humanity. See the entire list at Bayne.

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